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Welcome to Thrillbound!

Welcome to Thrillbound! published on No Comments on Welcome to Thrillbound!

Today I launch Thrillbound, a project that has been on the back burner seemingly forever. I’m starting with two comics, a super hero story called Adventures of the Frog, and a fantasy story called Newbs and Nubiles. Neither story is particularly ground-breaking, but my goal is to have fun while forcing myself to improve my art skills. I’m making everything with open source software, mostly Inkscape, MyPaint, and the GIMP. Stylistically, I’m taking a slightly different approach to each of the two comics to keep things interesting, at least for me.

The site is obviously barebones at the moment, but I’ll pretty it up later. For now, my focus is on drawing comics. And with that, I’m out of time for this post so keep checking in for new episodes here at Thrillbound.